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We Create Exceptional Living Spaces

You, your home and the World, we recognise the importance of a beautiful home, and the role it plays on our happiness and wellbeing, which is why we work tirelessly to achieve the highest standards.


Commercial Property Renovations

Enhance your business premises, boost brand reputation and create a positive first impression through a commercial refurbishment with HTS Global. Teams will take time identifying your objectives before piecing together a tailored plan of action with the help of experienced architects and interior designers.


Residential Property Renovations

Get increased value from your new or renovated building through smart, integrated technical design. You can expect high performance on comfort, durability, flexibility, efficiency, sustainability and more by drawing on expertise from HST Global’s building technology teams.


Institutional Property Renovations

We have been involved in many complex and logistically challenging renovation projects on both contemporary and historical Institutional buildings. Professionally completed renovation work can reduce the need for future maintenance and safeguard the building for years to come.



With a reputation for outstanding workmanship, our building team can manage all aspects of your project, from the initial design and layout through to the construction work, building control and completion

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We can also liaise directly with your local council – so you don’t have the hassle or worry.

Layout Redesign & Flooring Installation
Specialist Coatings & Electrical Refit
Window & Door Replacement And Roofing Repairs

We Proud What We Do

With an eye for detail, HST global will devise designs that make the most out of every inch of your property

Regardless of the scale of your premises, all industrial renovations completed by HST Global are built on the same foundation of values, which allows every project to maintain consistent quality. With this in mind, when enlisting the support of HST Global, you will be paired with the following:

Having worked in various projects across several sectors, our team have become well-versed in a broad scope of refurbishment projects. Their expertise span across a vast range of services, which means that complete solutions are available, allowing all work to be completed under HST Global.

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Other Important Services We Do

We are able to undertake your project from start to finish, as we employ a full-time staff of skilled tradesmen including carpenters, joiners, plumbers, tilers, electricians and decorators. They are supported by our dedicated team of customer service co-ordinators, project managers and surveyors.

Bedroom Renovations

Your bedroom is where you lay your head to rest every night, so it’s imperative it has all the conditions to make you feel relaxed, at ease and content.

Building Maintenance

You can call on us in an emergency, or simply to handle those DIY jobs that you keep putting off. You’d be surprised how quickly a skilled handyman can do the work, for a modest outlay.

House Renovation

With your vision and our expertise, you can be sure that your home renovation will capture your heart. We are also able to take on smaller scale projects such as painting & decorating, tiling or plastering.

Kitchen Renovation

We are experts in creating beautifully designed kitchen spaces with sleek finishes to complement the interior of your home, while also improving the functionality and ease of access to all of your kitchen appliances.

Bathroom Renovation

There is a growing trend to incorporate modern designs into bathrooms, and we can help you achieve this kind of design, as well as the more traditional styles.

Roof Repairing

It’s a unique cleaning application that involves no pressure washing. The special formula kills and prevents the re-growth of moss, algae and cleans all exterior surfaces.

Looking For Exclusive Construction Service?
We supply comprehensive solutions to our clients based on your needs. We are a reputed privately owned company retaining the core values of providing excellent services and quality to customers at a competitive price.
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